My name is Marius Ursu. I am a Designer, amateur cook, amateur farmer, amateur entrepreneur; and a professional explorer of nature.

My mission is to help bring to AgriFood the digitization event that other industries have already had. The Farmers and the People deserve a better experience; Design Thinking can bring it about through holistic, iterative and participatory problem solving.

Mediterranean dinner at a farm – source

This is being done with the use of IoT – to connect sensors and automate events; Data Visualization – transforming information into insight; paired with Design Thinking – which puts the human in the center of a new Circular Economy – moving from products toward services, with the bigger goal of reaching a balance not only in the users short term experience, but also for the larger environment and planet as well. A Circular Economy is good business, it opens feedback loops with information in a new sharing economy with business models which could not exist before without the current data-driven society.

I see a path to a more transparent and trustworthy relationship with the origin of our food – with the farmer, sometimes against the industrial means of planting crops. I would like to keep highlighting the community in the ritual of eating – eating together: which makes it such a pleasant experience and builds bonds with new people.

This journey has taken me to other industries, learning what it took to nudge them toward Digital Transformation and a more Circular Economy. I am slowly tracing my way back to AgriFood through a small Urban Farm in Flevoland.