About me

Followed a bachelors in electronics – because I’ve always enjoyed building and fixing things. However, in order to create useful, usable and pleasurable products (or experiences and services as I would later discover), I missed a more in depth knowledge of human psychology, interaction, design and business.

After my internship with great Industrial Designers at Studio Tast, I decided to follow a masters in Industrial Design at TU/e. I am thankful for my time as a member of the Design Faculty, it enabled me to try out the many sides of design, and to have space to explore and fail safely.

Most importantly, I am thankful for everyone’s patience while I learned that I would now be operating with people (their feelings,motivations, desires, thoughts, habits, situations, actions) rather than just with the principles of science (physics, programming and math) or just principles of business / economics.

After transitioning from an Engineer to a Designer (in the making) through integrating a new mindset in projects, practicing various tools through courses, and changing my process, through a great deal of self-awareness and action; I decided to do more client-centered work rather than Research. I therefore dropped out of the Master to pursue Service Design projects in the real world, and to build my house + urban farm in Flevoland.

There is a lot to learn from the Netherlands, and I am gradually taking this expertise back to my home country: Moldova. I come from an ex-soviet republic with hard working people, great soil and a strong history of agriculture, much of it being organic and artisan to this day. I am already serving as a bridge between the two countries in the family business, which includes organic farming.

More on what I’m currently doing can be found on LinkedIn, and for more on my past projects see the portfolio here.