Evaluating the Effect of Gamification in Crowdsourced Design

Context: Pre-Master elective course – User Evaluation Methods
April – June 2017

Team: Stern Hutjes, Alan Wever, Marius Ursu
Client: Design2Gather

Design2Gather provides real-world design cases in which professionals or students can participate. By submitting their own ideas, designers have a chance to win a monetary reward.

In the last year, the number of contributors on the platform had been on the decline. Most users stop being active within their first year. Earlier, a team of students have implemented some gamification elements designed to improve the user experience of contributors in order to stimulate long term use.

Our project consisted of user research conducted with the aim of studying what motivates and demotivates users to part-take on the platform. The “usefulness” and “pleasure” aspects of the platform were tested with qualitative interviews and quantitative questionnaires, with the intention of providing insights. These insights led to adjustments in the gamification and other aspects of the platform in order to encourage participation and submissions.