Creating user-friendly interfaces is only a small part of what Design can bring

For the real benefits, it is important to:

Investigate, interpret and visualize human truths
Facilitate sessions and surface under-represented perspectives
Guide experiments so that big decisions are rooted in reality

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Change is unavoidable
(and can be difficult)

We are not going back to ‘business as usual’

The new normal is called ‘faster and faster disruption’. Instead of fighting change, let’s navigate and maybe even steer it.

Digital should add,
instead of substract

The Design Process starts with ‘understanding’ – which happens in ‘iterations’ (cycles), instead of ‘getting it right the first time’.

How might our Organization better understand what Customers truly value ?

🔗 How we discovered vital truths that the co-founders didn’t yet know

How can we use this knowledge to consistently make the Customer Experience better ?

🔗 An iterative process helps navigate uncertainty, increases speed to market and likelihood of success

What other things are contributing to what the Customer is going through at the front-stage ?

🔗 Tackling Organizational Change, making the new way more attractive in a way that sticks

* Questions and answers adapted from (pages 4-6)

To see Design in action, please check the Past Work page

How others describe me:

“You see things which other people cannot see, or will not see”

“You quickly connect and find common ground with strangers”

Energetic young man with brilliant new ideas. It is always a pleasure to work with him and to see how he comes up with solutions. He works very fast but always keeps focused on the main topic. I can recommend working with Marius any time!

– Boudewijn, Co-founder

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A real self-starter; and brings a lot of energy to the team. In the project we worked on he pro-actively sought out novel ways to solve the problems, and brings in a lot of interesting background. Plus, he’s eager to learn.

– Thatcher, Design Engineer & Business Developer

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I am Marius

I like to Explore and I like to Build !

I aim to understand people and how they act, am not intimidated by technology, and am continuously learning the language of business.

By working as an Experience Designer, I noticed the importance of enabling conditions and contributing factors (org structure, culture and routines) if Design is to happen consistently.

Now my aim is to help a Large Organization climb the Maturity ladder and enjoy more of the business benefits that Design can offer.

You can reach me using Linkedin or email

Good Design is good Business.

Beyond creating offerings that are pleasurable and easy to use, Designers sharpen an organization’s understanding of their user: the unstated needs, contexts, and daily routines.

By facilitating collaborative sessions, we steer creativity, account for under-represented perspectives, helping different departments meet on common ground (through stories that connect and prototypes you can touch).

We speed up the feedback loop, deliberately seek to be corrected and ensure that big decisions rely on human truths.

🔗 frog’s report on the Business Value of Design.