I can help in designing a better experience for your employees
(and customers too – as a result)

We have seen that the Digital medium can work if applied well. Let’s take some deliberate time to make the most of it.

Design provides a path for influencing the Organizational culture – to better ‘listen, understand, validate and implement’ that which the Users truly want.

Change is unavoidable
(but can be difficult)

If we are going to adapt, let’s do it well

This is not business as usual and we are not returning to that. The new normal is called ‘faster and faster disruption’.

Faster business cycles. Faster adoption of technology. Faster shifts in consumer behavior.

‘Humans’ – first,
‘Employees’ – second

The individuals (and the way they collaborate) define the Organization

They determine whether the organization stays relevant – adapting well – or whether it falls behind.

Taking care of our employees so they can feel what the customer feels, and then to come up with even better ways of serving them.

Learning & Development

Learning is one of the best investments someone can make.

When we do finally take the time, the experiences are not always tailored to our needs, organizing feedback and setting up practical projects to practice can be a chore too.

I help create tailored learning programs that result in ‘abilities of doing’, not just ‘knowing’. They can cover upskilling, onboarding or re-skilling for a new role.

Project 🔗 Click to read more
– enabling peer-learning through the use of open-door virtual rooms
– encouraging informal connection between people by scheduling Random Coffees
– using Active Learning and Graphic Design to create assignments which connect with the audience

🔗 Most employees are willing to spend unpaid time on training and upskilling.

🔗 The future of education consists of microdegrees and modular chunks.

🔗 How to make Corporate Learning stick.

Stronger Collaboration

Do you remember a case when your team started using the right tool for the job and then thought: ‘why didn’t we make time for this earlier’ ?

I aim to ensure that this happens sooner rather than later: that you use the right tools for the job. That the culture and values of the team-mates is favoring continous improvement and a healthy work environment, and that it is applied consistently and well.

Project 🔗 Click to read more
– facilitating collaboration using Miro: a visual workspace

Article 🔗
– remote work does not need to replicate the office
– immediate & delayed communication each have their role to play

🔗 The Manager’s interactive manual for working well remotely (by Slack)
Slack facilitates better collaboration for other organizations.
Also, their team has been working from a distance for many years…

🔗 Finding your plays – A Guide (by Atlassian)

Design can blend the physical with the digital,
helping people learn and collaborate even better than before…

Digital should add,
instead of substract

Technology should work with humans, not against us

Digital should enhance and complement the Physical, instead of creating additional frustration and friction (which didn’t even exist before it arrived).

Wouldn’t it be great if technology adapted to how we think + act, to our needs. If it supported our wellbeing at home and at work instead of hurting it.

This vision applies to Employees and Users alike.

Service Design frames the questions and provides a path for answering them too:

The Design Process starts with understanding, which happens in cycles, not by getting it right the first time.

How might our Organization better understand what Customers truly value ?

Do customers simply want a milkshake ?
Or is it:
A smile + energy + not feeling guilty about getting it…

Click to read few paragraphs that cover:
– how empathic listening and a participative approach helped us learn things that the co-founders didn’t know

* The ‘customer’ is not always the ‘user’. Also, there are other stakeholders with an influence over the project. Empathizing with them (incl. your colleagues) is equally important.

** Questions adapted from TISDD page 4-6

How can we use this knowledge to consistently make the Customer Experience better ?

The aim is to create an offering that: reaches or exceeds the customer’s expectations, fits with their lives, and meets their emotional needs

Click here to see how we worked toward a design-driven process which helped ensure that:
– ‘the right thing is being built’
– ‘it is done in the right way’
which was only possible by doing frequent reality testing and by incorporating early input from key stakeholders…

What other things are contributing to what the Customer is going through ?

The organization is made up of intelligent people, doing good jobs. Then why do they still manage to infuriate, confuse or disappoint customers ?

One of the reasons for this discrepancy is the way organizations are set up…
– the way we collaborate and how information/decisions flow between teams, departments and silos – do they understand each other’s perspectives and considerations – or not.
– how this structure, culture and customs align to create a process of continous improvement – or not.

In other people’s words:

You see things which other people can’t see, or won’t see

– A good friend

You quickly find common ground and connect with complete strangers

– A good friend

A real self-starter; and brings a lot of energy to the team. In the project we worked on he pro-actively sought out novel ways to solve the problems, and brings in a lot of interesting background. Plus, he’s eager to learn.

– Thatcher, Design Engineer & Business Developer

see the project

Energetic young man with brilliant new ideas. It is always a pleasure to work with him and to see how he comes up with solutions. He works very fast but always keeps focused on the main topic. I can recommend working with Marius any time!

– Boudewijn, Co-founder

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About me

As a Service Designer and ex-engineer,
my mission is to ensure that:
Technology works with people, and not against them.

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, and working across innovative SMEs. Started in the front, digital, tangible, with interaction for the user. i realized the importance of supportive processes contributing factors (what is under the surface) in creating product/services that have a positive impact in people’s lives.

# Open to work

I am looking for a new challenge, hopefully longer term and in a larger organization (in-house innovation or a design agency). International is even better.

Am flexible: freelance /employee. Part-time or Full-time. Short-term or Long-term)

You can reach me on Linkedin (anyone can send me a free message) or by leaving a message in the chat.

In addition to the craft that is design (understanding, prototyping, validating), I act as the glue and help the operations align with the rest of the organization. So that departments dont work in their own bubbles.

My aim is to help decision makers use Design as a way to Discover, Experiment and shape Strategy. Which is more than using Design to fulfill goals set out the traditional way (putting lipstick on a pig). (Design Maturity)