A Tablet Accessory for Teaching Primary School Kids

Initially developed by Mitchell Jacobs

Context: B.Eng Graduation Internship
January – June 2016

Client: Studio Tast
Product page: Studio Tast – Goed Wijzer

Goed Wijzer is a clock reading experience for children, age 7 to 9 years, in primary school education. It enables children to learn autonomous with their preferred method in the classroom, combining today’s technological possibilities with embodied learning. It is the concept originally developed by Mitchell Jacobs.

My goal was to expand the concept so that it applies to other studies like mathematics and finance, and make it more production ready.

I am very glad to have worked with Studio Tast and Mitchell Jacobs. They guided me through all the stages of design thinking. This was a great introduction to Design, which was a big mindset shift coming from my technical background, and I will be forever grateful to them.

The main challenges that come to mind are: 

  • being comfortable with uncertainty – but also knowing when to seek empiricism in research or constraints in the process
  • taking it step by step – thinking iteratively not linearly
  • being flexible and open to new perspectives – for inspiration, for empathy, for stakeholder management or when considering future scenarios
  • being conscious about the process
  • always switching perspectives between pragmatic/idealistic, human-centered/feasibility-minded, interaction-level/service or organization level, etc.
Acting out interactions using a rapid prototype
in order to understand technology requirements
A rapid prototype exploring the lesson of ratios
Exploring interactions with finances