Bringing Mindfulness in the Daily Rituals of Adolescents

Dates: September – October 2016
Context: Introductory elective course bachelor level– From Idea to Design

Team: Verindi Vekemans, Lisa Vader, Kamilė Vaitkutė, Maxime Vallentin, Marius Ursu

Video: Z-Mate

Desk research and our own experience has proven that using the phone before or during bed time affects the duration and the quality of sleep. It impacts the health and daily performance in a negative way. College students are vulnerable to this issue because they are so used to their phones and always like to stay in touch.

Z-mate is a docking station for your phone. It is tailored to young smart-phone users, creating a relaxing environment in the bedroom just before sleep. Z-mate uses light and sound to change the mood of your bedroom before bed time. During the night, it eliminates notifications by putting the phone on silent mode and charging it wirelessly. In the morning, the mood is different, and the phone is available after the morning routine has been completed in peace.